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Windows 10 1607 cannot rename folders

Since the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary update, I have seen multiple users complaining of not being able to rename network folders.

Things to Check Before Calling your I.T. Guy

There are times where something doesn’t work on your PC, and you aren’t sure if you should bother your IT guy, or do some steps on your own to see if it is something simple.  Click the link above for a quick run down of what YOU can do before submitting a help ticket with your I.T Department.

Quick Access Broke in Windows 10

Hopefully noone experiences this, but if you notice your Quick Access shortcuts are gone, there is a very simple solution.

Keep in mind, this does remove your previous Quick Access shortcuts, but the fix will re-enable your ability to use this handy shortcut function in Windows 10.

Yamaha Directv Remote Program for Volume Controls

This may be a little off topic from the computer world, but there might be someone out there trying to program there DirecTV remote control to work with their Yamaha Receiver. If this reaches just one person, then it makes it all worthwhile.

Outlook Form Region

Outlook has certain built in forms that can become corrupted at times. In the most recent case, this issue happened when a user was trying to view their Lync messages in their Conversation History folder within Outlook, and was greeted with the “Outlook Form Region Cannot be Opened” error. Of course, they can double click the email to view the messages, but will not be able to view it in the Email preview.

Windows 8.1 Boot To Desktop

This article shows you how to boot to desktop in Microsoft Windows 8.1.

One of the major setbacks of transitioning to Windows 8 for most standard users seems to be the representation of the Windows 8 default Start screen. Everyone sees the “Metro” style buttons and feels lost compared to what they know and love with their Windows XP/Windows 7 PCs.

Lync 2013 – Configure Call Park Service

When it comes to configuring the Call Park Service in Lync 2013, there aren’t too many options that are apparent within the Lync Control Panel itself. I will outline the commands that can be sent using the Lync Management Shell to configure the “Parking Lot” within your Lync 2013 environment.

Lync 2013 – Tabbed Conversations

When using the Lync 2013 client on your desktop, it automatically defaults to tabbed conversations meaning that ALL conversations you have going will stick in one window. For some, this may be ok, but if you are transitioning from Office Communicator to Lync in your environment, you have grown used to having multiple windows along the bottom of your screen.

Exchange 2013 – Move mailbox database

When creating new databases within Exchange 2013, the default location may be on the C drive. This could cause an issue because most operating systems are also on the C drive, and this could cause issues when Exchange decides to create an abundance of log files which could fill up the C drive rather quickly.

Server 2012 File Download Error

If you are managing or administering a newly built Windows Server 2012 machine and receive a message that says “Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded”, don’t panic. By default, Windows Server 2012 does not allow EXE files to be downloaded via Internet Explorer 11.

Windows 2003 End of Support

Microsoft had recently announced the end of Support for their most popular server revision, Windows Server 2003, ending July 2015. What does this mean for business?


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