About Us

It all started in an RV factory in Northern Indiana…… After working 5 years in the factory right after high school, I realized I wanted to do something different. Although extremely grateful for the opportunity in the factory which helped me establish an excellent work ethic from an early age, I felt like I wanted to do something different and enrolled in college at Indiana Institute of Technology studying in Business with a concentration in Information Systems. While going through college, I was again lucky enough to land my first IT gig within the same RV factory as their Entry Level Desktop Technician. There were so many things to learn and was very overwhelming, but I stuck with it and learned from the department any way I could. In 2008, our daughter was due in December, and with the downturn in the RV industry and being the low man on the totem pole in the department, I was looking for another IT position, which I then got hired into a very successful business in Fort Wayne, IN. Being a very small IT department, the possibilities and learning potential was endless. While building my confidence and working with so many different people, I decided to begin the legacy of Bales Technology in 2013.

Being in IT and especially trying to grow a business, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of free time. In my free time, I enjoy fishing with my wife whenever we get a chance, friends, family and going on fishing trips with my Dad, who is by far the best fisherman in the world and I am no where near as good as him. I also enjoy playing basketball with the kids any chance I get and coaching my daughter in both Softball, Basketball. Softball and Basketball definitely keeps us extremely busy, that is for sure.

The mission of Bales Technology is to gain that trust from multiple companies large or small, and help them to get through their technology frustrations while also maintaining their systems so they help their business succeed. Contact John Bales at Bales Technology today and let us know how we can help your business today!