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ALL successful companies thrive to stay up on the latest technologies to increase efficiencies, but do not have the annual budget that allows for a full time IT staff. Managed IT Service Providers are not your typical “Break – Fix” computer shop. A successful MSP will be able to offer different pricing plans to facilitate the needs of every business, ranging in many different areas of IT support. For example, some businesses may ONLY want an MSP for break-fix scenarios, while other businesses want to take a more proactive approach by having all their servers/desktops monitored to try and alleviate any issues that would cause them any down time that would be detrimental to the company. Every business will have a different mindset in regards to IT support, so this is where the Managed Service Provider you choose should be able to accommodate whatever service you require by offering multiple pricing plans while also outlining the support hours involved with the plan that best suites you. Finding a MSP you can trust? Trust is a major factor in choosing the right MSP for your business. Ask yourself one question: Do I trust this company and their employees with my company’s data? When choosing the right MSP to handle your businesses IT needs, you not only want them to be knowledgeable, but you want to feel like you can build a trusting relationship with them and feel comfortable calling for help at any time without being hassled. Some MSPs will offer exclusive remote access support. Although Remote access is a great tool to be able to leverage, some issues simply cannot be resolved remotely. It is easier to build trust with someone by seeing them face to face, and this also keeps you in the loop as to what the MSP is doing within your network. Try to find an MSP that is capable of performing onsite service as well as service remotely as this will create a better chance of preventing major disasters later. MSP Services Managed IT Services Providers are typically very well rounded in the services they can offer to their clients. Some of the major areas to focus on when searching for a trusted MSP for your small to medium businesses are: – Daily Backup Planning and Disaster Recovery Implementation in the event of a major hardware failure that will limit the amount of downtime caused by this potential disaster – A Managed Antivirus solution that will constantly monitor all devices on your network and alert necessary parties with any potential issues as well as maintaining the latest anti-virus updates on all devices – A 24/7 Managed software solution that will alert the MSP and/or internal staff about any issues that need addresses to stay proactive before a failure would occur – Besides managing each device on the network, is your MSP capable of quoting certain projects that may come down the horizon within your business. (New software implementation, hardware upgrades, software upgrades, networking equipment, etc.) A great MSP is capable of servicing in many areas, not only managing your existing devices, but also aiding in upcoming IT projects that may be necessary. When a trust relationship is met, the MSP will likely try to beat other competitors prices in regards to purchases in order to keep the B2B relationship strong.
The simple answer is yes. Once it has been determined there is nothing else slowing down your system, then yes, a SSD would be an inexpensive solution to utilize to get a dramatic boost on your old hardware. It depends on what operating system you are running on to determine if the OS will recognize the solid state drive and make the needed changes automatically, or if these changes need to be done manually to get maximum performance out of your SSD. If these changes are not done manually OR automatically, this could cause damage to the SSD and could dramatically decrease the life of the solid state drive, so it is crucial you have an experienced tech perform the HDD to SSD migration.
The cloud refers to software or services that run on the internet instead of your computer. When businesses start talking “Cloud”, they are usually referring to storage. There are many different cloud services available for both Business AND Personal use. Some of the most popular services are Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Crashplan, Microsoft OneDrive, and many more. In the end, you have to ask yourself, “How important is my data, and what would happen if someone else got a hold of it?”
When dealing with Bales Technology Managed Services, you have multiple methods of contact when an issue comes up. 1. By Phone 24/7 260-302-1300 2. Submit a ticket by email to help@balestechnology.on.spiceworks.com 3. Chat with us anytime at our website.

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