What are the Features of Managed I.T.?

24/7 Monitoring with Monthly Reporting

In order to keep your data safe and ensure the best possible amount of uptime for your network, it is important to keep an eye on things.  Many issues can be fixed by your provider before they even became a burden to your business and your employees.
One point of contact Help Desk

You should always know how to contact your IT provider in your time of need.  One point of contact that is best for you AND your provider because this guarantees the best level of support.
Easy ticket creation online OR through email that goes directly to our techs

You can easily create a trouble ticket via email, or through our online portal.
Remote Support

Many issues can be resolved with remote access given to your provider.  NEVER give remote access to someone who you are not 100% sure who they are, regardless if they say they are from a reputable company.
Onsite Support

There are times where a technician needs to be onsite to troubleshoot.  The issue will be evaluated and a technician will be scheduled in a timely manner.
Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus can be explained as software that allows the provider to receive notifications if a client is not updated or has an infection.
Managed Backup

Managed Backup allows an IT provider to ensure their clients data is backed up correctly and efficiently and can be restored quickly in the event of a failure.
PC Support

PC Support includes Desktop and Laptop repairs, whether it is hardware or software related.
Server Support

We support onsite servers as well as server backup to the cloud in the event of an on-premise hardware failure, you will still be able to access your important data from that server from a cloud hosting provider/
Firewall Support

Keep your network secure from intruders during on and off hours.
Network Assessment

Bales Technology can run a network assessment to determine what areas need adjustments or improvements and can offer a full report so you can fully understand exactly what is going on within your network.
Email Support

Both on premise Exchange Server, or an Office 365 hosted environment, we can help.  Many years of Exchange Server experience as well as being an Office 365 partner, we have the hands on experience to assist companies with maintenance, troubleshooting, or an email implementation.
Networking Support

Office expanding?  VPN access required for remote workers?  Running out of switch ports for your employees?  These are all areas of Bales Technology’s expertise.
Frequent Onsite Visits for Managed Service clients

We want to make our clients happy, therefore, we are always asking “What’s next”?  “How can we improve?”  It is true, when IT is doing their job correctly, you never hear from them, but we like to keep the communication lines open to our clients and always looking for ways to improve our services.
Disaster Recovery implementation projects

Are you prepared in the event of a natural disaster?  If an employee clicks on a rogue email and all your data is locked inside your network, how fast could you be up and running without potentially paying thousands of dollars to “unlock” your data?  Bales Technology can help implement a disaster recovery plan that will help you to minimize downtime and get you up and running as soon as possible.