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When it comes to configuring the Call Park Service in Lync 2013, there aren’t too many options that are apparent within the Lync Control Panel itself. I will outline the commands that can be sent using the Lync Management Shell to configure the “Parking Lot” within your Lync 2013 environment.

As always, Run Lync Management Shell AS ADMINISTRATOR.

By default, when a call is placed in the Parking Lot, if no one picks it up after 1 minute and 30 seconds, it rings back to the person who put it there. If that person does not answer the call when it rings back, the call gets disconnected. To change the number of times the call rings back to the original person, run this command: (Default is 1.)

Get-CsCpsConfiguration | Set-CsCpsConfiguration -MaxCallPickupAttempts 1

By default, the amount of time the caller sits in the Parking Lot is 1:30. If you would like this to be a longer or shorter duration, you can change this with the following command:

Get-CsCpsConfiguration | Set-CsCpsConfiguration -CallPickupTimeoutThreshold 00:01:30

You can also change whether or not the caller in the Parking Lot hears the On Hold music. By default, it is turned on. You can simply specify TRUE or FALSE in the following command:

Get-CsCpsConfiguration | Set-CsCpsConfiguration -EnableMusicOnHold TRUE

And last but not least, if the original person who put the call in the Parking Lot does not answer the ring back, instead of disconnecting the call, you can have it redirect to another auto attendant or response group. This group or attendant must have a active SIP address, and be sure to include the sip: in front of the address in this command:

Get-CsCpsConfiguration | Set-CsCpsConfiguration -OnTimeoutURI

I hope this helps alleviate any issues you are experiencing with the Call Park Service within your Lync Environment. If you have any questions regarding this issue or anything else within Lync 2013, feel free to shoot us an email or chat live on our website.

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