At Bales Technology, the ultimate mission is to offer the best protection and security for your business while making it sensible and affordable. We have established partnerships with some major players in the Managed Service market to allow us to best serve our clients.

Bitdefender Gravityzone

Managed antivirus solutions for both residential and business customers to help fight off ransomware, viruses, malware, and keep your devices secure.

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Uplevel Systems

For the most secure environment for our clients, we have partnered with UpLevel Systems so that we can provide security services which not only protect our clients networks but also give them the peace of mind knowing everything is safe and managed while maximizing their productivity from anywhere.

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Office 365

So many businesses have moved to Office 365 for its security and "work from anywhere" capabilities". We are able to implement Office 365 in your environment as well as handle the billing. Contact Us today to find out if Office 365 is a great fit for your business!

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We are excited to be partnered with Sonicwall's extraordinary products and services and have the ability to offer this to our clients.

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Sherweb is very well known in the cloud solution space and we are honored to be able to utilize their services so we can help our clients stay connected regardless where they need to work from.

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Spam Hero

In today's world, there are so many malicious emails flying around trying to trick you and your employees. We utilize an outstanding, affordable spam filtering solution that can be put into place with any email system so that a majority of those malicious emails will never make it to your inbox! Contact Us today to see if Bales Technology may be able to cut down on the amount of spam your organization receives.

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